About US

EVOLUTION · EFFICIENCY · >160 lm/w · ENERGY · ECONOMY · ENVIRONMENT · > 200,000 hr life.

In recent years, LED technology has evolved to offer a reliable and economic alternative to traditional light sources. Elumen develops its products using the most efficient LED in the industry maximizing savings without sacrificing light output.
Thanks to patented technology elements, LiteBLOCK, Elumen built its reputation on superior LED lighting products to the rest of the industry doubling, nearly tripling, the lifespan while offering maximum performance and versatility to adapt to our customers’ lighting needs.
Elumen Lighting Networks was founded in Montreal in 2003 and is today an important player in the LED lighting in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, the Caribbean and China. In 2015, to expand its product range, Elumen bought the Phoster Industries Company which was offering commercial type products such as display lights, down lights, etc. Therefore, we are providing solutions as innovative as economical in our main areas of expertise: industrial, street lights, harsh environment and commercial.


The lifespan of LiteBLOCK, Elumen lights is 20 years without replacement. Therefore, maintenance costs and time are reduced while minimizing waste.

Elumen products meet CE requirements, and the latest RoHS directives restricting the use of certain hazardous substances (lead, mercury, etc.).